Migrate from meteor 1.6 to latest version using blaze

hey guys,

I build my app in 2016 using meteor 1.6. I have to upgrade all packages now for security reasons. But I think Blaze has been taken out of Meteor? I got some undefined errors. How can I upgrade to Meteor and still keep on using blaze?

My project is here

PS: I have searched google but somehow I could not find the answer to this “easy” issue

thanks a lot!

Blaze is more independent of Meteor, but still works so you should just be able to update Meteor and keep using Blaze as it. Blaze is now more community supported, but other than that and a separate repository nothing much has changed.

thanks, but if I just upgrade meteor update I get undefined errors. So should I import the npm package and that’s all?

There is no npm package for Blaze. If you are getting undefined you might need to import from Blaze packages. Can you provide me with a sample?

hi, thanks for your help. de repo is here
import from Blaze packages that is exactly what I think i must do somehow. (i did nothing yet). do I need to meteor install blaze?