Migrating a existing React + Flux project to Meteor

Hi there!

I’m new with Meteor, so I need some advises.

I have a project developed in React + Flux (with React-Router), backended by a API developed with Node.js.
I need to put some realtime colaboration features in this project, that’s why I’m studying Meteor. After some researching, Meteor seems to be a good choice for that features.

I’ve researched for some guides do migrate a existing project, and I didn’t found.
So, I need to ask here if someone already made that and can tell us some best pratices, tips or something like that.
Any kind of help will be welcome.

If there’s no documentation about that, can we write it maybe?

Best Regards

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Hello sergiomendonca,

I just had the same question and it’s really easy to solve.
I have built a standard meteor react project like in this turotial: https://www.meteor.com/tutorials/react/creating-an-app
Copy the dependencies of your almost existing react project to the package.json from your meteor project.
Include your App.js component and you are done.

Best Regards