Migrating Crusty Old Free Tier App from 2015

While I was actively searching for a job last year, I was also brushing up on my JS skills by building a little app in Meteor. I was hosting it on the Meteor.com free tier. When Galaxy Developer came along, I signed up of course, but since I was preoccupied kicking ass at my new job and off hours were occupied with my four kids, I haven’t had time to migrate my app. Now I see that Galaxy Developer itself is about to sunset, so I figure I better get on it, if only so I have only single migration to do in September. So I went to it. Step 1: meteor mongo --url consensual.meteor.com nets me a long wait followed by Couldn't open a mongo connection: Connection error (connect ETIMEDOUT). So…it makes sense that the meteor.com hosting isn’t working anymore since it sunset in March, but how do I get my data out so I can redeploy to Galaxy? Thanks in advance!

I think you’ve lost the opportunity:

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Thanks for the confirmation Rob. I’ll live since only the data is lost, which wasn’t critical. I assume I can still deploy from my local source to Galaxy, and try to get a jump on the next migration. Thanks again. And cheers!

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@day sorry for the inconvenience, you won’t be able to recover any source or app data from your app previously deployed on the free tier of Meteor.com hosting. However, if you’re on Galaxy Developer Edition today, you’ll be automatically migrated and upgraded to the latest version of Galaxy on Sept 1 with no disruption to your app uptime via coordinated container restart (no different than if switched from any legacy Galaxy versions today).

@marktrang Thanks for your response, Mark. I plan to redeploy to Galaxy