Migrating from Iron Router to FlowRouter - a guide


I just migrated a small Meteor + Blaze app from Iron Router to FlowRouter. Here are the main differences I found and how to work around them.

Here’s the blog post.

Aside from this one app I haven’t had much experience with FlowRouter yet so I’m interested to hear if I’m missing anything. Especially with respect to patterns for dealing with re-use of templates without data context.


Thanks. Me and Sacha is talking a bit about the data context. I think I’ve something in mind.

It’s not a FR feature, but a addition to Blaze.


Hi Paul,

Excuse me for such a stupid question, I’m totally new. Why you migrated from iron to flow?


There’s been a lot said about the whole Iron Router vs FlowRouter thing. I would suggest searching and googling : )


Thank you Sacha,

I already did it. The debate is quite overwhelming for a rookie like me. With my question i was looking for particular experiences. I’m Trying to figure out something as starting point


Go with Flow Router. It will help you learn about how to publish to and subscribe from your collections in the database. And it is what is going to be supported in the future.


Thank you Roger,

I read in a post that iron router is not being properly mantained. Is flow router going to be concidered the standard routing way?


I am really care of that whether the account-ui package used in iron-router is available in flow-router.


@vicesalles Probably. This is the word from someone who works at MDG: Iron-router becoming incompatible. Switch to flow-router or wait for MDG router?

@charliecl it sort of is. https://atmospherejs.com/useraccounts/flow-routing and https://useraccounts.meteor.com/


What’s a time estimate for Iron Router to Flow Router migration?

  • It’s a small-ish ~10 route app

  • I’m by no means a meteor guru