Migration from Picker server-side routing to Webapp express router

I’m trying to migrate an app that uses Picker to Meteor 3.0 RC0 and need a little help. I haven’t been able to find any migration documentation yet.

For Picker in Meteor 2, installing a route looks like this:


The types for Express look a little different - params (path parameters like “pathparameter” above) are exposed as req.param and the query is exposed as req.query instead of living inside the params parameter.

I thought this would work in Meteor 3, but it doesn’t (“express.route is not a function”). What am I misunderstanding?


I had same problem and to see its here, please @meteorjscommunity to help.

Hey @permb, we have an as-yet-unreleased migration guide that should help you:

PS: I think the guide is good enough to be released @hschmaiske, @denyhs so that we can get feedback.