Mingo: The Usable MongoDB GUI


The first release of Mingo is out. It’s still in Beta, but already loaded with features unseen in well-knows MongoDB GUIs.

more info:

You can download the app on https://mingo.io/


only for mac and win? :cry: What about the one true and correct OS, Linux?


hi, you can download linux version here: https://mingo.io/download/linux

please let us know if its OK… thx


This looks pretty cool! Seems to works well on linux. I would like some more info on the website though, there is nothing but a screenshot. It would be nice with a feature overview and why I should use this over other mongo GUIs. What are these mind blowing features?


yes, we are on it…
our goal was to launch beta version with basic website…
now our focus will go to better website and documentation, and finishing up some key features…

Main features include:

  • Projects — GUI the way we want it to work
  • Tabs just like in a browser
  • Table & tree view combined
  • Selector history and bookmarking your searches
  • Human-readable dates in selector, e.g. {createdAt: #thisWeek}
  • Inline editing
  • Undo functionality
    … and many more
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