Mini mongo aggregate


Hello, its me again…

I think Aggregation does not work with mini mongo…

i am planning instead of using collection.find()

i want

[ { } ]

is this possible? thanks


Have you tried meteorhacks:aggregate? I’ve used it and it works for me but not reactive :frowning:

I hope that helps.


There is no client side aggregation.
We use things like _ (underscore) or lodash to do kinda aggregation tasks on client side.


If you define that in methods wouldn’t then that method run on both sides (and well it should if that math or etc is important I suppose) which means you’re wasting performance on JS. Although from reading about recursive functions while theyre portrayed as bane of performance it apparently loses out to DOM manipulation in terms of resources consumed, so I imagine using MongoDB native operator to JS wouldn’t make a difference much.

Also reason why I went into methods, because I imagine those run server side once client runs that, and especially if you have a reactive var in there.



I am new to Meteor. I have a need to have a local mongodb to be stored on an iOS device.
How do I put this mongoDB database on my iOS device? where should it be on my iOS device and how to deploy it to my iOS device?

Can both Client Side and Server Side code be deployed to my iOS device?