MiniMeteor: create small Docker images from Meteor apps easily


tl;dr: MiniMeteor is an easy solution to dockerize Meteor apps, images are as small as 20MB (compressed), supports Docker Hub, doesn’t run as root, works with Meteor 1.3+.

If you tried it, please leave a feedback so I can make it better.

Longer story:
I’ve been working on a decent solution to dockerize Meteor applications for a while now, and it’s time to share. :slight_smile: I created something that can both run as a script and a Dockerfile.

My motivations were:

  • I created far too many Dockerfiles that basically did the same thing
  • As MeteorD and Meteor-Tupperware are abandoned now, there was no go-to solution for this
  • Simple Dockerfiles result in huge images, it takes quite an effort to make them small

I realize projects like this become abandonwares quite easily. I’ve set up a build system that automatically tests MiniMeteor if a new Meteor version is released, and I get a ton of notifications if it’s broken, so hopefully this solution will last for quite a while.

A real-life example that uses this solution is my Game of Thrones Dead Pool pet-project (source), the complete docker image is a mere 25 megabytes.

Feedbacks / pull requests are welcome. :slight_smile:

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You did an awesome job man :slight_smile: when I’ll try your approach I’ll give a better feedback!


Will try it. Nice job!