Minimongo collection returns additional document with `_id: undefined`

since updating an old app to meteor 2.6 (its now on meteor 2.13.x), some Meteor collections in the browser return an additional record, which is a copy of another record, but it’s _id is undefined.

On the server, everything is correct. I also don’t see that this additional document is published through the DDP connection.

I suspect its some bug in some old package we use, but its a bit hard to pin it down. I already ruled out subs-cache.

That’s why i ask the community whether someone has had a similar problem to narrow it down to a certain package.

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ok, found the issue, it was FastRender or the way we init the data. We still had some code that would manuall call FastRender.init, which added additional entries without an id

Something similar has appeared to me after async/await usage, 1% of inserts become duplicated.

I reverted async/await and it’s not happening anymore. It’s very hard to examine the issue and I couldn’t reproduce this behavior.

this is probably something very different than this issue here