Minimongo, methods and DDP Sync information

Hi there friends

I have implemented a meteor app running mostly android clients. I have implemented an indicator to show when the link to the server is down. Fortunately, thanks to meteor and minimongo, the user can continue capturing information. Once the connection comes back, all the info syncs and theoretically everyone is happy.

Frequently the connections are slow and erratic (rural areas), and we would like to show the user an indication that we know we are up to date (as far as ddp knows, it isnt “catching up” on method calls or collection inserts)

How can I access information about “pending” actions currently held on to by meteor on the client side? I would like to know when the “pending actions” have been completed, so I can give visual reassurance to the user that all data is now saved on the server. Is there some api or package for this?