MInimongo on ios Meteor 1.4

I have a Meteor 1.4 mobile app running on iOS 10 successfully and ‘almost’ ready to launch. However I am working through some performance issues and looking for a higher understanding on how data is stored on the mobile device with Minimongo.

When I open my app, the data is synced from the server and the DOM is displayed per the data synced. If I hard exit the app and reopen again, the DOM is not the same and its looks as if the data needs to be synced again. Is Minimongo data cleared when an app is closed & is there a reasy on the WS connection is taking 10-15 seconds to connect even though I have < 10kb of data to sync?

I am on Galaxy services.

Thanks in advanced!

As far as I know yes, when you hard close the app it’s the same as if you would close up the browser - the Minimongo cache is cleared (because it’s just that - a cache, not a permanent storage).

And no, it shouldn’t take 10-15 seconds to connect to the server (in my case it’s more like 1-2 seconds). It would mean that either your server is very slow (which shouldn’t be the case if you’re using Galaxy) or your app for some reason has connectivity issues.

Thanks @M4v3R, looks like I was getting some WSS security errors when connecting and this was for whatever reason delaying the connection. I have since updated to the latest beta release of Meteor and the issue is now resolved.