Minimum System Requirements for a development PC


A friend of mine is looking to start learning to code. He has been helping me as a tester on meteor applications so Meteor seems a natural framework to start learning. However, he is on a pretty serious budget. I’d like to recommend a laptop that is sufficient without spending any extra cash. I’m assuming the following would suffice but may be slowing things down.

Feedback from anyone working on a low spec laptop who can share their specification and any issues they experience would be welcome here. Given the budget and experience, we’d have to opt for a Windows laptop.

Intel Celeron N3450
4GB Memory

This is the laptop we are considering:


I would say (especially with meteor) you will want to optimize for file operations, which means springing for an SSD.

Not sure what your exact price range is, but ~$300, maybe try this search?

I’ve had great luck with refurb thinkpads, and 8gb ram, i5 and SSD for $300 will get a new developer pretty far, I think.


Yes, I think SSD is the most important as there may be thousands of files that Meteor needs to process (under node_modules directory) when building an app each time after a modification of even one file that is used by the server.


Thanks, that’s pretty much the budget I had in mind, the person is based in the Philippines though so a step from $200 to $300 but we’ll have a look at getting an SSD.