Missing build files

Hello everyone,

am trying to integrate 3 packages into my meteor project. They are

see https://github.com/chris-visser/vue-accounts/tree/master/packages

But as they are being served to my (in-private, no-caching) browser, they don’t show up as packages in the dev tools. Other packages do show up. I’m getting TypeErrors about functions missing from objects, but no explicit import errors (don’t know if that’s a concept in Javascript, coming from Python).

How could this be?


These are npm packages. Did you check out the examples section?

The example by Itself does work. But when I install the mentioned packages and use them in my code, I get the error messages.

I guess I‘ll have to base my project on the vue-accounts example.

Problem solved. Had an ancient version of vuex installed, because I had based my project on the “official” example.