Missing files after installation

so the .html .css and .js files are missing from my root folder after installation and I cant find a reason anywhere.

They’re there in the client folder but server folder only has "main.js"
Also the application name is missing on the .html .css and .js files in the client folder. Instead of “APPNAME.css” it says “main.css”

Please help, could really use it

meteor create now generates a different folder structure, that has has client and server folders by default. The CSS file in client/main.css works just like your appname.css worked before. If you want to learn how to use a more production-ready folder structure, it might be looking through the tutorial again, or reading the Meteor guide article about app structure: http://guide.meteor.com/structure.html

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Is there a reason for which you’d want html and css files on the server?

Got it @sashko. Thanks a bunch. Noob steps