Missing small files after Hot Code Push

I am using SVG for icons as they are smaller and scale to any size, however after a hot code push some of the files go missing. and I end up with holes where icons should be.

Is this on the browser or with Cordova? What version of Meteor are you running?

this is pushing to mobile, v 1.2.1

There have been huge improvements to hot code push in Meteor 1.3, so I would really advise you to update, and I suspect that will solve your issue.

yeah I have been thinking about it but I am concerned more about what I might break updating.


So on one of the Testing Devices which is a 128 gig apple iPhone 6 has an unstable storage, what I am finding is when the data is being written to the local storage its not writing to the correct file. This last push the HTML was written to the Compiled JS File, so it couldn’t even load to connect to the server. Their needs to be a method to verify the file rather then just trust that it was written correctly on the device.

The issue seems to be that Apple isn’t using the most stable internal storage memory, but the intricately dense triple-level cell (TLC) NAND flash in the 128 GB version. TLC flash can store much more information than single-level cell (SLC) or a multi-level cell (MLC) solid-state flash, but is more volatile, and more prone to errors.