Missing useful packages in Meteor 1.3 + React: Autoform, Useraccounts, etc

It seems like a lot of developers are moving from Blaze to React and also moving to ES6 and Meteor 1.3. This is my case. I am also trying to build some simple apps for testing. Most of my apps always had two particular packages on them:

Are any equivalents/alternatives for React?

If you are also missing a package, please add it here to see if someone can recommend an alternative.

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User accounts can be wrapped and added, see the Todo app: https://www.meteor.com/tutorials/react/adding-user-accounts

There’s been a lot of discussion of autoform alternatives in just the last two weeks, have a quick scroll back through the recent posts and you’ll find it.

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I need prunecluster

I am actually working on a HOC useraccounts package for a client right now. Will share something soon.


That is a good short term solution but it isn’t the same as UserAccounts.

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Apologies, you’re quite right, I should have clicked through your link then I’d have realised you weren’t referring to the standard Meteor accounts package.

@joshowens do you have something you can share? I am happy to test it and collaborate.

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alt:react-accounts-ui is a package I put together. Works as a drop-in for the blaze accounts ui. Just about every sub-component can be replaced with your own customized version too.

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And I’m making Forms and Modals backed by Redux at workpop. Will share soon, we’re hitting all the bugs so you guys don’t have to


could you add some screens to the repo README to see what it’s supposed to look like? I just tried creating an empty project, adding your package, and rendering it and it looks like this, can’t tell if it’s correct or not

Just like the blaze accounts ui you also need to include one of the account auth packages
meteor add accounts-password accounts-facebook

got it, thanks. I think adding that info, along with a screenshot, to the README would help quite a bit. thanks for the package :+1:

The unstyled version is perfect, thanks for sharing this! You just saved me a bunch of time today.


I am going to use @emmostrom stuff to get going, will report back on my findings :slightly_smiling:

Turns out I was wrong. The package is built for 1.2 and relies on the custom Meteor React version. That is no dice for me, I ended up building some custom for now, I didn’t have the time to dive into fixing @emmostrom’s package.

It does work with 1.3 but you are correct that you need to add React from meteor and not npm. Since it is a meteor package I’m trying to keep it backwards compatible.

@joshowens can you share the repo?

Pol Guixe

I am missing aldeed:tabular

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@PolGuixe: here you go - https://github.com/thespacedojo/twitter-clone-class-9. It uses React-Komposer, but I am thinking of switching the course to use TrackerReact instead.

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@joshowens many thanks for sharing. Why do you want to change to TrackerReact? I thought that mixins will be deprecated.