Mixing sync and async code for parallel execution

Hello everybody,

I’m trying to write some IO-intensive code, and I need to optimize it by using parallel computation.

I want to mix async and sync code, so several synchronous function are launched in parallel within the same thread.

export class ExpensiveObject {

    updateObject() {

    for (item in this._items) {

           // even though syncupdate performs 
        // synchronously, the for ... in 
        // loop makes several calls 
        // to the function run in parallel 
      // within the same thread 

            syncUpdate(this._items[item], this._items[item].length );

       // now how can I run this code AFTER all updates are done?

            'after update'



// This is a recursive function that updates all elements in in the
//  items array.
// Recursivity guarantee that updates are done synchronously

async function syncUpdate(items, index) {
    if (index === 0) {
    await items[index-1].update();

    return syncUpdate(items, index-1);


I can fix it by awiting for syncUpdate:

await syncUpdate(this._items[item], this._items[item].length );

but this way I loose parallel execution.

How can I wait for all the syncUpdates functions to finish? Can I do this with plain JS without using a package?

If no, is there any NPM package that could help me?

Create promissises, and use Promise.all

const updateAsync = async (item) => {

const promisses = this._items.map((item) => {
  return updateAsync(item);

await Promise.all(promisses);
console.log('after update');
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