Mizzao / meteor-sharejs giving BSON type error

Error Message when using mizzao / meteor-sharejs

failed to get ops for b354t5YBDAQBt8k3Z: MongoError: Failed to parse: sort: "_id.v". 'sort' field must be of BSON type Object.

I recently also updated to Meteor and get these BSON error messages when starting the application

{ [Error: Cannot find module '../build/Release/bson'] code: 'MODULE_NOT_FOUND' }
js-bson: Failed to load c++ bson extension, using pure JS version

Do you think they are related ?

Having the same issue. Updated meteor, and meteor cannot read ops

However, I am not having the Cannot find module '../build/Release/bson issue at startup.

See https://github.com/mizzao/meteor-sharejs/issues/81