mLab is acquired by MongoDB


NodeChef MongoDB hosting is an option worth considering for hosting databases.

I was concerned about what this meant for the future of the free tier, but there’s some more information here and it sounds good:

Once migrated, your Atlas database will be hosted on similar hardware and cost the same or less than your original plan on mLab.

Also, this might mean that people who used mlab aren’t stuck on MongoDB version 3.6 anymore - which is perfect timing given that Meteor 1.8, also released today, supports MongoDB 4.0!!


For any mLab customers looking for alternatives before they’re forced to migrate to MongoDB Atlas, you should look at these three alternatives - ScaleGrid, Compose and ObjectRocket. ScaleGrid also has a Startup Program where you can get 90% off for 12 months, good alternative to mLab sandbox:

I am evaluating Scalegrid because of their Startup plan. Do you have experience with Scalegrid?

Yes, I actually helped design the startup program at ScaleGrid. We’ve had great success working with early stage startups to help them save on their database management costs, and also allow them to leverage their free AWS or Azure hosting costs to cut their costs to near zero. A lot of our startups have left reviews for us on Capterra if you want to see how their experiences have been:

The ability to bring your own AWS was one of the main reasons I am looking to use Scalegrid. Thanks for your reply I will look more into it.

Also, if you have any current deals for startups, you can offer it on current YC Startup School Deal section. I am sure a lot of Startups will be eager to use this.

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MongoDB Atlas is forcing all free and shared tiers to 4.0


hmm… does this mean all mlab sites need to upgrade of find someone who offers an older version?

I don’t believe this will affect mLab customers yet, but once they’ve migrated all of their customers to Atlas, you’ll likely have to upgrade on MongoDB’s schedule under the free and shared plans.

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That’s great, as I was having problems connecting Meteor 1.8 to MongoDB 3.6 on Atlas, so had to migrate my DB from Atlas to mLab a few days ago.