Mmmelon for iPhone


Hi meteorites,

I’m Bitomule, CTO of mmmelon and I’m really happy to announce that our iOS app is on closed beta and we want to release it on App Store next week. We’re currently looking for testers to see how backend handles all, if you want to test the app just send me your email.

mmmelon is the best tool for team productivity, we have web and iPhone cloud based apps and more to come soon.

Both apps have:

  • Tasks and projects management
  • Chat
  • Different toles for users and guests (a customer for example can only see the task you invite him to)
  • Cloud storage
  • Events calendar

It’s really awesome to do some work on iPhone and see it appear on the web. We’ve also focused on design because we thing productivity tools should be nice and not just offer lots of features. Both apps are really easy to use but powerful, fast and safe.

You can try web now at:

I’ve to thank many of you, some of you have directly helped me on meteor irc and some of you created the packages we use to make mmmelon possible.

Please feel free to ask anything about the app. It’s a native iOS app using swift and ObjectiveDDP as the library for DDP meteor protocol.


It might be a good idea to describe the purpose of the app and what it does to get people more intruiged…

just sayin’

Good luck and everything!


thanks, I’ll add a bit more info about the app :smile: