MMO Engine: Going open source?

Hi all, Andy here… Been a while since I was here.

I’ve been trying to develop a game about space. EvE Online kinda game. I have two versions now:

The Meteor Version:

The Single Player Version:

I’m coming up on two years invested into this brand that I’m building, either version is like… engine built, but not polished. I had a LOT of problems running Database stuff for Meteor, apps not updating, etc. So I abandoned and tried to rebuild in a single player game. But the truth of the matter is that the MMO version is way more fun, and I can’t get any players on the single player version.

I have 2 kids and a full time job and wife, plus free lance clients. Hence I switch to an easier platform at

So, I guess I’m asking if the Meteor community, if I should open source project. I think what I’ve done is pretty crazy – built a game MMO on top of Meteor.

I’m sure some folks can help optimize and stuff. Would you mind playing either / both and letting me know what you think?

Should I open source this?


Like I said on a previous post, yes !


Sounds cool! For me the docs of a project are quite important, so if that’s something you’re willing to spend time on I’d say go ahead!


Definitely yes, community will benefit from it.

I would definitely be interested, especially if there is a lot to learn.

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Would you mind developing on this? Did you run / solve problems with reconciliation of data between clients?

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Well, the big problem is that I was running an MMO, which required fast calculations. So every 3 seconds I was calculating stuff for the WHOLE database of users.

It was simply, expensive.

But I can’t help but think a regular app would have been SUPER optimized lol.

I’m thinking about releasing my Social Network project as open source. Lots of work needed there but it’s really good as it is.

I can’t release my game as open source, as I’m continuing the brand as single player :frowning: