Mobile app (Android/ios)Short deadline -


I’ve got a rather short deadline (2 months) to create an app for a small community club. It’s suppose to be their own little social app where the admin can post pictures, add news articles, chat with the users (1 to 1, 1 to many) - That’s about it really.

I’ve been looking into Meteoric but I’ve found it a bit too painful with the lack of documentation and guides.

But I’ve also experienced bootstrap to have a none-native feeling to it. Are there any packages or ui-frameworks out there for meteor that are easy to adapt into meteor?

So what i’m basically asking is… Which approach should i take?

Might as well add that there won’t be a web-version of it.

You could use Materializecss to get the android look and feel of Material by Google. It’s like bootstrap easy to use and available on atmosphere.

If you want more freedom to modify you could use the less version of bootstrap.

And if you’re not working on windows the bourbon sass package offers everything you could need.


I have never used them, but i guess these packages might be a very good starting point. If you need some help, I can help you

EDIT: materializecss is perfect for an app

Well, given that you have a short deadline, you’ll likely prefer spend your time developing the functionalities rather than styling. With that in mind, I’d still go with Meteoric. Although I agree the documentation could be better, if you check the all-demo-components example and check the official Ionic components documentation it’s easy and quick to get you started.

If you choose to use my socialize packages and need any help let me know. I think if you pair them with ionic you should easily reach your deadline.