Mobile app backend

hi, i’m trying to understand how a mobile app in meteor must be set up to connect to a remote meteor server.
is this explained in the documentation somewhere, because i coudn’t find it…

Can you be more specific? Are you trying to get a native mobile app to get data from the Meteor server via a REST API or is the mobile app going to be a Cordova Meteor client?

excellent question!
i don’t know which approach to take - if a cordova meteor client can connect to a remote meteor server seamlessly like a web app would do (via DDP), i’d take this approach; otherwise i was thinking the backend to be a completely detached REST server as you mention.
so - the question would be can the mobile cordova meteor app connect seamlessly via DDP to a meteor server? and HOW to configure this?

If you want to go with Cordova, there are Meteor guides that show how to do this. Communicating with the server is the exact same as the desktop.

well, that is the question - could somebody point me to such a guide, because the couple of sites i’ve checked do not explicitly give directions for this scenario

This one from Stephan Hochhaus is interesting too:

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thank you, guys! so “meteor build --server :” was the missing step

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I didn’t remember having any problem finding this information, but you’re right about one thing, it is a ‘missing’ step, as meteor build --server isn’t mentioned in the docs.

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