Mobile app dynamic url server

I would like to know if it is possible to dynamically change the url of the meteor server in a mobile app.

Possible, although requires restarting the app and setting the ROOT_URL environmental variable. If you had a shell script that set that then you could do it dynamically from any remote call.

Thank-you @truedon for your help.
I think, in your response, when you said about the script it’s related to that: GitHub - crapthings/meteor-switch-root-url: switch between meteor apps on cordova

Could be bud, that package is from 2017 is it still viable?

Finally it’s just a script that will set the ROOT_URL variable with the value contained in the localStorage and relaunch the web view. I think this is the solution you exposed. I will test this :wink: .

If that works then I’d use it! Didn’t know you can change env vars without restarting the entire App