Mobile app with meteor

Hello everyone!

Sorry for such a stupid question but can someone explain me how mobile app built with meteor works?
For example - Local Market ?
I can run it on desktop via browser looking at localhost:3000 but how can I run it on mobile?
Also via browser visiting some URL?

Plaese explain!

Thank you very much!

Here are some directions about how to run on mobile from the Meteor tutorial

Sashko thanks for your quick reply!

Your link is about development.
But how does it work in real life?
Shall I use Google Play or Apple Market for upload/deploy?

Sorry, I really do not understand… :slightly_smiling:

For a good high-level intro to mobile development with Meteor, check out A Beginners Guide to Mobile Development with Meteor. For instructions on how to submit to the Play and App stores, checkout the following Meteor wiki posts: