Mobile apps not being accessible by web browser

Say I create a mobile app and set the server URL to If someone went to in a web browser would they still be able to see my app? I figured to prohibit this you would just remove the platform ‘browser’ but when I tried that I got:

While removing platforms:
error: browser: cannot remove platform in this version of Meteor

I don’t want any part of my app to be accessible by a web browser, except for email verification and password recovery, because obviously people need to do that from an email.

If you wanted to be smart about it, you’d have the application code manually call a Meteor Method with a hash or token that the server verifies. If it’s the right token, the application would be allowed to start/download the rest of the code and access the database.

I think I have solved this problem by wrapping my routers in if (Meteor.isCordova) except for my verify-email/ and reset-password/ routes. So they can still be accessible through a browser.