Mobile host - MUP


I’m about to deploy my first mobile app to ios/android and i’ve chosen Digital ocean to host it on. I started the MUP deployment but quickly realized when browsing the documentation that i need to apply an URL to the “website”. But my app is only meant to run on mobile?

Is there a different procedure to deploy a mobile app using MUP to a hosting service? Or do i need to use something else?
I plan to host everything on DO to start with since the user-base & funding will be limited for atleast a year.

Note: All the examples i’ve found are all deployed to the meteor server which isn’t really that helpful.

@tejpen, you can/need to deploy in the same way! That’s one of the things that I love about meteor. I’ve been using Meteor since 0.9.2 and almost always with DO and MUP.

If you want you can check at client startup so your app won’t render on browser.

Fair enough. Thank you :slight_smile:

Would this expose the application for any exteriour security threats that i need to take into considerations or can i just disable it in the browser and add it to the app-store without any further concerns? :slight_smile:

@tejpen, I’m pretty sure I could set better security hacks into my app, but for now I’m using a simple firewall on my server. I would take this into consideration but not in a high priority.

Alright, cheers. I’ll go ahead and purchase a domain then and proceed to upload it to the android/ios app-store :slight_smile:

You don’t necessarily need a domain name you can just use the IP address of the DO instance with mup.

Build your client the same way using --mobile-server http://ipaddress

Edit: Although if you ever change the ip by changing host you will have to redeploy the app

Does this include lets say, changing payment plan? If i need to add more storage and go from the 5 dollar plan, to the 10? Would the ip change?

It will keep the same ip address if you change plan, i upgrade and downgrade my DO vm’s all the time… I’ve also noticed if you destroy the DO vm and recreate it within a few minutes you will be assigned the same IP address (not that I would chance it though).