Mobile Not Detecting Changes on 1.10.1

On Android, when I change a file on the client or server, the app rebuilds, but changes do not show up on the phone. A while back on 1.3, there were some changes to reloading but I’ve been under the impression that my build changes in development, the remote device should update. The mobile guide docs still say:

During development, the Meteor build tool detects any relevant file changes, recompiles the necessary files, and notifies all connected clients a new version is available.

I have tried invoking location.reload() in the console.

I also have errors that and cordova.js are not found in bundle. How can I fix this? Is there a way to see the bundle in development?

Can anyone confirm these issues, make troubleshooting recommendations or clarify how changes are pushed to remote devices in development as of 1.10?

1.10 is working good with reloads. But that is quite a jump from 1.3

1.10 is not reloading for me. I ran meteor create project, meteor add-platform android, installed npm dependencies, then started it with meteor run android-device --mobile-server= If I change a file, the server rebuilds but the phone does not reload. I can see my connection to the phone in dev tools and see it connected with ADB.