Mobile/OAuth - Why "Doing HTTP request" on code change?


The following message is shown in the terminal, every time I make changes to my code

Doing HTTP request: POST

This is how I start my meteor ( app:

meteor run android-device --verbose --mobile-server

Why would my app call when I have my own server I deploy to?

Thanks for all hints!

That’s Meteor development mode, not a deployed Meteor app.

Hi Rob,

thanks for your reply. The deployment to “” happens through a separate deploy script.
No problems there…

The meteor run command I am running is supposed to “deploy” the client to my physical android smartphone. When I change some client code after running the command, the statement “Doing HTTP request: POST…” occurs.

I was fooled by this:

However, the request you’re seeing looks like it may be tracking developer activity. IIRC, there was some discussion on this topic a (long) while back in the forums. At any rate, that’s still a development action, not a deployed app action.

Are you by any chance using Meteor accounts packages?

accounts-meteor-developer                          Login service for Meteor developer accounts