Mocha running even if not set by --driver-package


Hi there,

I am using two different --driver-packages with Meteor 1.5: practicalmeteor:mocha and tmeasday:acceptance-test-driver for chimp tests (as described here).

My problem is if I run:

meteor test --full-app --driver-package tmeasday:acceptance-test-driver

Mocha is apparently still being executed and i get the following messages in my console

I20170915-15:07:24.227(2)? MochaRunner.runServerTests: Starting server side tests with run id ezHNg8EmnwJvrBmWJ W20170915-15:07:24.607(2)? (STDERR) MochaRunner.runServerTests: failures: 0

Is this a bug? If not how can I disable mocha from running automatically when starting meteor test


Bump Anybody out there who could help me?