Modern way to handle Meteor.settings (settings.json)

Hi all,

I’m curious if anyone is doing anything different in regards to populating Meteor.settings (besides supplying a settings.json) or just storing keys elsewhere?

Specifically I’m looking to store my API keys and other bits of info per-instance info somewhere outside of a settings.json. AWS recently released the AWS Secrets Manager which I find intruiging. I’m just not sure how that would work with Meteor (in that Meteor.settings needs to be loaded on startup or via environment variable).

Anyone doing anything interesting like this?



I think that AWS Secrets manager will start your app with the secrets in environment vars, so it should be no problem of storing meteor settings there.

In some of our apps we use a self-made tool that uses a gpg-based passwordmanager (called pass: which we use to store all env-vars (including meteor-settings). pass is then called to create a kubernetes-config which will include all env-vars and will it apply on the kubernetes cluster.

It can also run meteor locally and feed it with env-vars and meteor-settings from pass.

Very interesting, I’ve been looking into Docker and Kubernetes lately and am convinced that’s the way to go. I posted this topic actually due to pains with getting my Meteor settings file loaded into Docker images managed by Amazon’s ECS (Elastic container service). AWS also recently released EKS (Elastic Container Service for Kubernetes) - but I have no idea where to start with those.

Do you have experience with either of AWS’s offerings or are you running your own infrastructure?