Modify Accounts behaviour: verification email and others

I am trying to change the behaviour of Meteor when a user is created. Basically, after the user is successfully created I would like to show a modal or render another template to display a message of the kind “Check your email to verify your account”.

That should be possible using the server function Accounts.onCreatedUser, but how do you trigger the render of a new template e.g. using iron-router or an event for a modal from the server?

Then once the user clicks on the verification URL, a modal is displayed indicating that the email has been verified. Instead I would like to have my own modal/notification or template. Again this should be possible using Accounts.onEmailVerificationLink. Does anyone have any experience using this function?

Edit 1: I am using accounts-password & ian:accounts-ui-bootstrap-3.

For the first question: I used meteor-useraccounts which has a homeRoutePath that you can configure. You could also dig through the source-code to see how they do it. Iron Router hooks is probably where it’s at.

Drawback is enforcing email verification is experimental:

Warning: experimental! Use it only if you have accounts-password as the only service!!!

Thanks! I’ll have a look to this package.

So, email verification is not compatible with other services?

Accounts.onEmailVerificationLink can be used in the client, however it does not disable the default behaviour.