Modify CSS of Meteor packages



I add the Sweet Alert packages :

But I want to change the css to custom the theme of Sweet Alert.

The doc of Sweet Alert say :

SweetAlert can easily be themed to fit your site’s design. SweetAlert comes with three example themes that you can try out: facebook, twitter and google. They can be referenced right after the intial sweetalert-CSS:

But how can I do that with Meteor ?


PS : I use Meteor and React with the Mantra architecture.


You can overwrite to packages class. For example if sweetAlert has this class:

color : #fffff

you can write it on your css file to overwrite old one
.alert {
color :#aaaaaa !important;

When you use “!important”, old one become unuseless


Thanks for your reply.

It’s the solution I was thinking…
If I look examples themes, it is the same solution.

Ok, so let’s do this !