Modular NPM Twitter Bootstrap recommendation?


Any recommendations for a Twitter Bootstrap loaded via NPM that allows choosing the parts of Bootstrap’s CSS and JS you want to load? For example, similar to but without needing Grunt.

On Atmosphere, nemo64:bootstrap is great because it allows choosing which parts of Bootstrap you want to load. But I’d prefer to use NPM and have more control over which version of Jquery is used, if any.


It will be probably possible from Meteor 1.3.2 For now you can’t load .scss o .less files from npm_modules folder. But soon you should be able just load .js and .less or .scss files you need from npm bootstrap package. So all meteor packages like the one you’ve mentioned will be unnecessary. There is Meteor 1.3.2-rc.0 right now. I haven’t tested it yet but I’ll try soon.

edit: It seems to work, example:


That’s great! Post CSS looks fantastic too. Thank you for the example!


Follow up for Googlers.

I was able to achieve this today using:

meteor add less
npm install --save bootstrap-less

and then create a style.less in the client directory and import styles from the NPM package using:

@import '/node_modules/bootstrap-less/bootstrap/modals.less'; 
@import '/node_modules/bootstrap-less/bootstrap/alerts.less';

Despite the import syntax in the docs, this was the syntax that worked for me.