Modularized app structure: Splitting into microservices / cluster

I need some advice regarding the architecture of a meteor application (react using):

My application should have three main parts:

  • Core structure and UI
  • Search module
  • Content modules

With that I started to create a cluster of microservices (using meteorhacks:cluster).

The search service has a method which can be called by the client to get the search result data.

1. Question: The UI of the search module (input field and result list) is in the core module. Wouldn’t it make sense to move the search component also to the service? Is that possible at all?

For the content modules, the components are wrapped into containers, which will connect the react components with meteor/mongo-data.

2. Question: I don’t know how I can get this part moved to its own microservice

Also I want to create an editor section to edit the content. And also I want to keep everything modularized.

3. Question: So what would be the smartest approach for this editing section? Should it be a own service or should it be done together with the content module, so content display and editing are managed by one service??

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