Module for generating powerpoint output

We need to generate powerpoint output from our app. I see libs out there that will make ppt but they all use single images for each page. I’d like to find one that lets you build each screen so that the final ppt would be editable. Ever seen one?

We are also looking for pdf but there seem to be more choices for pdf output.

I don’t mean to be rude, or unhelpfull, but have you tried to search on NPM? Since you can use npm modules with meteor natively? (this might work)

Not rude at all. Yeah I have been searching on npm as well. There are many modules but most are over a year inactive, have little documentation or didn’t do exactly what I needed (the editing of an existing PPTX). I may have found one though in my searching. After I test it out a bit I’ll pust my own answer here if it works.