Module Loading System like Meteor without Mongo?

So, I love meteor! Please know that. Additionally, this community is awesome! You all have helped me with so many things as I’ve been learning.

I have a project now, however, that I want to make which doesn’t need a database at all, much less mongo or mini-mongo.

I’d like to use a templating, modular system like Blaze, with a loader like meteor so that I can break my html, javascript, and css up the same as I do in Meteor.

First, if there is a way to do this with Meteor, please let me know.

If not, however, I’d love to find something as close to it as possible for this new project, and I’m looking for links, video tutorials etc.

In my own research I’ve found Vue.js (talked about more than a few times here), but I don’t see the templating (not that it doesn’t exist) in that, which I do with meteor and Blaze. So I’m thinking a 3rd party module loader just be necessary.

I’ve tried React before, and just don’t like it. Seems to add a lot of extraneous code, and maybe that’s more me than React, but still don’t like it.

Angular 2 is interesting, but also not my bag of tea…

Not sure there’s much else out there, so that’s why I’m asking here. I figure if anyone will know, you all will.

Thanks for any help, as always,