Module not found: Error: Can't resolve 'meteor/mongo'

I started TDD development of my Meteor/Vue app using Cypress and documented how to get that running here: [Tutorial + Demo App] Testing Meteor Vue apps with Cypress

Now, I’m moving onto testing Mongo collections and am running into the following error

"Error: Webpack Compilation Error
Module not found: Error: Can't resolve 'meteor/mongo'"

This is the entirety of my list.js file:

import { Mongo } from "meteor/mongo";

export const Lists = new Mongo.Collection("lists");

I’ve tried “meteor npm install webpack-meteor-externals --save-dev” from:
and amended my “cypress/plugins/index.js” file (where webpack options can be put in without having to create a webpack.config.js file) with

const meteorExternals = require('webpack-meteor-externals');
    externals: [

but then I get an error that Package in ““module.exports = Package[‘mongo’];”” cannot be found. I tried tracking down where Package was defined but no luck.

I’d appreciate any help in solving this problem.

You have the mongo package installed?

See .meteor/packages

I have the mongo package installed as I’m able to create mongo collections and insert data.