Modulus slow, free fast - why?

I’ve got this app. It’s a dice rolling game similar to Yatzee or more Kismet called Quint Dice. The problem I’m having with it is that the roll method is really really slow on Modulus. This is hard to figure out because it’s perfectly fast on the free hosting.

Have a look if you like:

Why would this one method be so much slower on Modulus? Is there anything I need to know about the differences between the servers? There isn’t much happening in this method easier, except one data load (it loads the game which has all the data you need for the game - the player list, all their scores, etc.), and a save after the roll mutates the player’s rolls array.

I don’t get why it’s so much slower on the Modulus. Nothing in kadira seems to explain it either. The other strange thing is that it really is just the “roll” method. Other methods are fine. Could it be that Math.random (which is used to generate the random dice) is slow on Modulus or something?

Kevin N.

Oh, you know what, I bet it has to do with the lack of oplog tailing on Modulus (I’m using their Mongo server).

As I understand it, Meteor uses polling when there is no oplog, and since I’m relying on reactivity for the update, I think the polling interval is causing the delay.

Is there a way to force a poll after a method?

Kevin N.

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Switching to a MongoLab replicaSet (1GB shared) from Modulus’s free MongoDB was the difference between night and day. Adding the oplog url put it on the sun!