Moggle: Meteor-boggle word game


Boggle built with meteor, blaze and bootstrap.

Just a little experiment. I posted about it a few days ago. I’ve improved the UI and the games now actually work correctly. Create an account to store your previous games.

You’ll be able to challenge other users soon.

Feedback / issues / pull requests welcome.

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This is really fun, I got hooked! Some improvements I think you could make:

  • Longer words should give more points (maybe 1 point per letter above 3 letters, or even exponential growth as long words are really hard to get)
  • There should be a way to manually end the timer (most rounds I was done with about a minute to spare so I ended up waiting)
  • Words could be accepted/rejected in real time (so instead of waiting for the end of the round, it would check immediately and increment the score accordingly)
  • Don’t go to a new URL when the round end (I had to hit the back button like 20 times to get back here).

It would be super fun to play against one or more others (each player gets the same board, and and the end of the round you see each others words and points).

Overall great game and nice design.

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Hey Coniel, thanks for replying!

  • Longer words are worth more. 3=1 and >4 = length-3.
  • Working on the timer ending now!
  • Scoring words in real time does make sense. I’ll try do that soon!
  • The new URL thing is a good idea. I basically used routes as game states. Will look into this.

You can play against others too! Go to your account page (from the header) and create a challenge. My username is ‘aido’ if you want to test it out!

I think there must be a bug then, because I’m only getting 1 point for my 4 - 5 letter words.

Didn’t realise that there was a multiplayer mode (didn’t create an account because I didn’t see the benefit). I’ll try it out in a bit.

I actually wrote the scoring wrong above. It’s >4 = length-3, not length-2. Your 4 letter words should be worth 1 and your 5 letters should be worth 2.

Ah, yep, just managed to get a 6 letter word and got 3 points for it.

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