Moment Helpers Package v1.1 + what features next?


I have really enjoyed building this package for Meteor:

It is a helpers package for using Moment.js so you can closely follow the Moment.js api inside your templates like {{moFormat someDateOrMomentObj 'YY-MM-DD HH:mm'}} would produce the same as moment(someDateOrMomentObj).format('YY-MM-DD HH:mm').

It has been awesome seeing people use the package and I have just updated it to v 1.1 and have implemented; Format, Time from now, Time from X, Difference and Calendar Time.

Let me know if you would like to see some other feature/s and I will see what I can do, I have posted the question as an issue also:

I am also thinking of re-writing it in ECMAScript 2015 as suggested in the latest Meteor Blog:

We think anyone writing an app in JavaScript should be using ES2015. So we are making ES2015 the official JavaScript of the Meteor platform.

Thanks to the community for your support along the way!