MomentJs only returning dates within the last week in Meteor

I have a load of dates in a collection in Meteor. At the moment I am just returning them with a limit of 10, but I need to return them up to the last week (7 Days). My problem is there isn’t the same number of items in in each day, so I can’t just grab the same number for each day. I am using Meteor with moment js. Here is an example of some data and the code I am using to return it:

_id: “a68JFTrCFabQe5qQ2”,
createdAt: Tue Dec 15 2015 09:32:36 GMT+1100 (AUS Eastern Summer Time),
user: “7uXThqXFkjkMpDrcb”

//This data gets to the client with the following:

getDay: function(day){
return Time.find({today: day}, {limit: 10}).fetch();

//Instead of limiting it by 10 I need items from the last 7 days only.`