Mongo 1.8.2 client/server pub/sub data update not working

Hello I have a strange problem with 2 Meteor apps that i’m working on, both of them use Meteor 1.8.2, but only one of them is working properly.
I have attached both applications, they use an external mongo instance to save data , i have removed all the code except for a single page with a list of data, in the working app, if i change a value in the collection, the page is refreshed with the new value,
in the not working app, the page is never refreshed until i add/remove a document from the collection or change a document structure.

To test this behavior

  • lunch MongoDB, create a database called testdata and add the collection test_client_update (attached the collection .json file)
  • lunch both app with meteor npm start,
  • the working one is on localhost:7002, the not working one is on localhost:7000
  • change a value in the collection and see the issue.

Both app where made with Meteor 1.8 and then updated to 1.8.2
Here is the link to the apps

Thanks for the help