Mongo 3.4 is required by mLab on august 18. Will it work with Meteor?

mLab is changing the databases to MongoDB 3.4 but Meteor still uses 3.2. Will our deployment still work? This is due august 18.

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It seems like it works just fine in production.

The only problem is if you want to use 3.4 features in development. In that case Mongo needs to be installed manually.

Full support for 3.4 will come in the near future.

For development and deployment concerns, Meteor 1.6 will ship with Mongo 3.6 and Node 8.


Any idea when 1.6 will drop?

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Same question can to my mind as well :slight_smile:

@aadams You can read through the discussions on 1.6 here: and here: I'm Done With MongoDB... It's Leaving My Stack

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I’m still running Meteor (I know, I’m way behind) and after the mlab upgrade my db connection is broken. What is the quickest upgrade step I can take to get my site up again?