Mongo.Collection.get() deprecated?

Did we lose Mongo.Collection.get() in one of the recent releases?

Can’t find any hint of it in Meteor code back to 1.2.1.
Maybe it was from an atmosphere package?

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Huh. Well, I’ve been using Meteor since v0.5, so maybe that function has just been sitting in the codebase unused that long. :laughing:

Slept on the issue, and figured out a workaround for my problem. If anybody wants an easy function to clear all the data cursors on the client, and know the cursor names:

function clearAllDataCursors(){
    console.log('Clear all data cursors!');

    if(confirm("Are you sure?")){
      let collectionNames = [



The major problem with this approach is that you need to know the cursor names before hand. I’d be curious if anybody has an approach to get a list of all the Cursors registered on the client though, so we can support dynamic registration.