Mongo collection not deploying to

New to meteor.

I am working on an application that required the import of a csv file data to a collection. I got the data into my collection and the app works perfectly on my local Mac. When I deployed to though the collection did not upload.

I was under the impression that mongo collections were stored in the meteor folder in the project folder?

So how in the world do I get my local collection into my deployed app at

I have been searching for an answer for days so any help is greatly appreciated.

How did you import the data locally? Just do that but on the deployed site.

Had to use the mongoimport binary. Not sure how that would work with deploying to the server. I am also trying to deploy to and have the same issue. I even installed the binary on that machine and tried to run it from their command line but to no avail. Either I need to find a way to import the csv or copy the collection to the remote server.

did you try mongodump on the local and mongorestore on the remote?