Mongo collections and arrays

I’m a little confused as to schema design in Meteor. I built my schema the way that mongo suggests in their docs so that a lot of the one to many relationships are in arrays. Then I came to read the meteor guide again and it says that this is a bad idea as meteor is unable to diff the array and so sends all the data over the wire again. This seems pretty inefficient and I also notice that in the todo list example - todos they go with a more normalized method. I’m not sure if this is just to show how to do something more complicated or not. So what’s the best practice here? A lot of people in the forum are saying that one to many should be nested but the docs seem to contradict that and recommend composite publishing.

Currently, I’m doing things like entire comment threads in an array, is this a good idea? Where’s the line of where normalising is a better idea to an array? It seems as though the general advice and mongo docs are at odds with meteor.

If you’re gonna have a lot of relationships between Collections (what app doesn’t?) you should definitely look into Grapher. It’s like GraphQL for Meteor/Mongo.