Mongo data is frozen on server side

I’m making a mongo query on the server side, but once I add data in the db, the next time I refresh the page, the data hasn’t been updated, only gets updated if I restart the server.

const Picture = new Mongo.Collection('picture')

if (Meteor.isServer) {
    var list= Picture.find({}).fetch();
    console.log(list);//the data is the same after db changes

If you refresh the page it will not refresh the server as well. If you restart your server, you will see your data.

How can I refresh the data without restarting the server?

What is your end-goal what are you trying to do ? The code you provided is only run once when you start Meteor. That’s it. I wrote some tutorials maybe they will help you!

I need to get data on the server and pass it to the client on render, this is because is an isomorphic app

You’ve probably skipped a lot of the basic knowledge you need. Why not start with one of the “to do app” tutorials?

I did but as I started to implement server side rendering, the to do app was not good enough, solved it by using a cursor observer on the data that I need to be updated on the server side