Mongo: Meteor isn't running a local MongoDB server


Hi there,

meteor mongo is working fine on my Mac but when I try it on my Debian 7.7 productive machine it just doesn’t want to work. I tried with a simple test project (on meteor 1.2.1):

$ meteor create test
$ cd test
$ meteor run
[[[[[ ~/test ]]]]]                           

=> Started proxy.                             
=> Started MongoDB.                           
=> Started your app.                          

=> App running at: http://localhost:3000/

and in a new terminal:

$ meteor mongo
mongo: Meteor isn't running a local MongoDB server.

This command only works while Meteor is running your application locally.         
Start your application first with 'meteor' and then run this
command in a new terminal. This error will also occur if you asked Meteor to
use a different MongoDB server with $MONGO_URL when you ran your

If you're trying to connect to the database of an app you deployed with 
'meteor deploy', specify your site's name as an argument to this

Yes it is running a local MongoDB server!!
What’s wrong here, what shall I do?
$MONGO_URL is empty btw. mongodb is installed, though, but not used (only need mongodump and mongorestore to connect to meteor’s mongo).
Is there any other reason why he is unable to connect?

Thanks very much


are you in your project directory ?


yes, in both terminals. logged in as the same user.


Wow, it turned out that it works when I don’t use the cloud9 IDE terminal but connect directly. So eventually it was a ENV / terminal problem? I have no idea. But it works :slight_smile: