Mongo $ne not filtering out quey

I’m have a subscription for all users and a specific field, I now want to return all users except the current logged in users. But using the $in and $ne mongoDB operators but this still returns the current user to. This is my code:

    other: function(){
        var userID = Meteor.user()._id;
        console.log('ID: ' + userID);
        var user = Meteor.users.find({_id:{$ne:{userID}}}).fetch();

How can I just return the other users only?

try Meteor.users.find({_id:{$ne: userID}}).fetch();

Also you can use Meteor.userId() instead of Meteor.user()._id (I think Meteor.userId() can be defined when Meteor.user() is not because the data has not been loaded yet, but not 100% sure)

Thanks gsabran that works, it was the extra curly brackets that was the problem.